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Lafayette 148: Sample Sale Playbook

There were out of towns groups at the sample sale preview today. One was dishing directions: accessories first, shearlings and coats second, especially Loro Piana cashmere, because they go fast (who even knew they had Piana)? Grab everything you can, we’ll meet in the back and sort later. Save your wristbands because we are getting lunch and then coming back (yes, they are checking names and id - no sample sale identity theft here). Expect to spend four hours. Whew… that’s a lot to take in. She even dispensed advice on plastic surgeons.

For regular shoppers, especially plus size, this sale especially well organized. Staffers handing out
Bam Bam sized bags to place your finds and drag them across the floor (some people even brought their own).

Try to ignore hoarders, sample sale tour guides and circle around the room as many times as you can for discards. A+ to staff for keeping the try-on room tidy. I found a rabbit fur bolero- just don’t pet me - admire it from afar. Line up at 8 tomorrow for a 9 start.

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